Students and clients will be supervised in lessons and sessions. It is especially important for musicians to recognize the importance of self-control in a team environment. Good judgment should be exercised in all activities at The Rock Stop. We do not tolerate hate speech, violence of any kind, or bullying. Misconduct will result in a warning, a suspension, or an expulsion at The Rock Stop's discretion. 


It should go without saying that we must always strive to be respectful and appreciative of our neighbors and their businesses. Please pay attention when entering, leaving, and occupying our building to avoid excessive noise or disruption. 

Parents and Friends

While we would love your input into lessons and band rehearsals, the staff and administration of the Rock Stop must insist that parents, caregivers, siblings and friends remain outside of the studio rooms when their students of friends are in a lesson, to minimize distractions. Our waiting area is available (and it's not difficult to hear students' progress from there).

No Shoes Please!

Please take off your shoes to help keep the studio clean and pleasant for all of our students and clients.

Food and Drink

To protect our equipment, outside food and drink are not allowed at the Rock Stop. Water is available upon request, in the waiting area only. 


Students and clients will be responsible not only to recycle all bottles, cans, and paper used on the premises but also to responsibly use/not overuse these essentials. 

New Students

Your first 30-minute lesson is free.  We will work with you to find an open time slot that works for you.  We will automatically hold that same slot for the following week, to ensure we do not book another lesson during that time.  This way, if you decide to continue, we are ready to rock!  If we don't hear from you after your free lesson, we will make every effort to contact you to get your feedback and confirm the upcoming lesson.

Continuing Lessons

Once you have indicated you wish to continue lessons, we will continue to schedule lessons for that time slot indefinitely. We create a schedule each month, at which time you will receive an email notification of the future dates.  You will also receive a reminder prior to each lesson via email.  

Cancellations or Rescheduling  

If you wish to stop taking lessons please let us know as soon as possible to avoid a "no-show" and allow us to offer another student that time slot.

Please call or email us to cancel or re-schedule. For the more technically savvy, on each notification email you will have access to online portal that allows you to create an account and view upcoming lessons.  From here you can cancel, reschedule, or book additional lessons at your convenience. Please note that rescheduling or booking within the portal does not guarantee the appointment, it is a good idea to contact us during business hours to confirm.



Private Lessons

Please let us know with 24-hours notice for private lessons, otherwise we will require payment for the lesson. We do pay our teachers by the hour and will have to compensate them for their time regardless. Some exceptions may be made for sudden illness, we understand this is sometimes unavoidable. Try to let us know early in the day so we can inform our teachers or allow any changes to the schedule.

Rock Band Sessions

The same policy applies however, three late-cancellation / no-shows will mean the band continues without you. 

No Show

If we do not hear from you, we will consider the lesson a "No-Show" and payment will be required for the missed lesson. We do pay our teachers by the hour and will have to compensate them for their time regardless. Time slots are very limited and we would like to be able to accommodate students who have requested another time slot if at all possible.

Late Arrival

Due to a tight schedule, we will not be able to extend your scheduled lesson beyond the scheduled time slot.  Please be on-time to ensure you get the most from each lesson.

Drop-Off / Pick-Up

Students and clients should arrive promptly for scheduled lessons and sessions. If under 16, the student may not leave the building without their parent/guardian or prior permission from a parent/guardian.


We require payment at each lesson.  We will also accept pre-payment for future lessons. Currently we only accept cash or check (made out the The Rock Stop). We hope to accept credit cards and/or Paypal very soon!


The Rock Band program includes a final Rock Show at a local venue, booked and staffed by Rock Stop instructors. In addition, we love seeing Rock Stop students and bands perform in the community, and encourage all of our students to take these opportunities whenever possible.

If you are a student, and have an opportunity to perform, and need help with logistics or gear, get in touch with us so that we can assess availability. 

If you are a venue or community event looking for Rock Stop bands or students to perform, please get in touch - We typically refer these opportunities directly to our students and their parents to assess their interest and availability. However, we do not coordinate on their behalf.

Outside performances

Photo/Video/Audio Release

Throughout the year, the Rock Stop students and clients participate in activities, events, or projects in which they may be photographed, videotaped, and/or recorded.

This is particularly true for the band program's final rock show - we cannot keep the paparazzi away - and many of our bands value this promotion, particularly as they begin playing more shows in the community. The Rock Stop will also take photos during tech week and shows, and we work with parents and students to ensure they have access to the raw footage.

If you are uncomfortable with photos of you or your children being taken or published on The Rock Stop's Facebook page or website, or on a venue's social media or website, please let us know at any time. We value your privacy!